Cara Caron

Cara has been working as a Clairvoyant  since 1990 and has been known to uncover things in your life that are not previous known and assists you in dealing with issues about one’s self in ways never presented to you . Call her to better understand her craft and if you might  benefit from her service She is also an Intuitive Empath.

Cara is a licensed Hypnotherapist dealing mainly with Past Life Regressions, also Anxiety,Grief or Loss, Confidence, Self Image Public Speaking, Reducing Stress, Eliminating Bad Habits

Cara is Vice-President of Hypnosis Wisconsin and a Charter Member. She is a Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, the world’s largest hypnosis organization.

If you are a Hypnotist in the Wisconsin area contact Cara to join. The group meets once a month on the Third Tuesday

Hypnosis Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wi 

Call Cara 414-607-9029



Cara is author of Evolution Of A Soul

This book shows you with graphs and diagrams how to deliver your baggage back  that does not belong to you.Cara initially wrote each poem to an individual, telling them she was writing a book so they would keep the copy and maybe later re-reading it would get the life changing message of their poem. Each person will find a poem in the book to enhance your life. .Call Cara at 414-607-9029 or e-mail caracaron to  receive your copy.

Cara also is on Facebook Cara Caron Conceptsscan